driving anxiety for learner driver

Driving Anxiety for Learner Drivers

Driving Anxiety for New Learner Drivers

I remember my very first driving lesson clearly. It was a few years ago now but the amount of fear and nervousness that I had before stepping into that car for the first time is still fresh in my memory. It was awful. Within about thirty minutes that fear was gone. I was driving and in my mind I was doing pretty well. The truth is; just about everybody who starts driving lessons is going to suffer a little anxiety at the start. Trust me though; there is nothing to worry about. Let me talk to you a little bit about this.

Perhaps the biggest fear for many people is the fact that they are going to be driving on the roads for the first time. They are going to be in control of a rather powerful vehicle and they really do not want to cause an accident or something. This is fine. However; you should be aware that for the first couple of driving lessons it is unlikely that your instructor will take you anywhere near where there may be other vehicles on the road. You may run into a couple but these are going to be few and far between. In this area you will start to learn how to steer the vehicle properly, work with your gears, and perhaps a little bit of work with indicators and the like. You are going to be covering the basics. Some of this stuff may be a little bit difficult to grasp right at the start, but eventually you will end up getting the hang of it…I promise you! When I learned how to steer properly the wave of anxiety that came over me before I started my driving lesson just disappeared. Once you have the basics down then it should be fairly easy to progress with the rest of your lessons.

The vast majority of driving, with a few exceptions of course, will involve building upon the basics that you learned in the very first lesson. If you know how to steer then you are going to be well on your way towards tackling a roundabout or drive in reverse. If you know how to use your gears then you will be more than capable of starting the car, parking it, and travelling around. I know that hopping onto an M or A road is going to be a little bit daunting at the start, it is for everybody, but providing you have the basic stuff down then you are going to be perfectly safe when you are travelling at speed. You just need to make sure that you do not lose concentration whilst on the roads.

I really do suggest that you listen to absolutely everything that your instructor tells you. If you do not understand something then do not try to wing it. All you need to do is ask for clarification and I am sure they will give it to you. If you are still a little bit worried about driving on the roads then rest assured that your instructor will always be on the lookout for you. The vehicle has dual-controls after all. They won’t let you speed and they may provide help with working the clutch and the like. You are going to be far safer in your instructor’s car than any other car out there.

Finding a Driving instructor

Finding the Right Driving Instructor

Selecting the cheapest driving school is not enough when it comes to finding the right driving instructor. Adverts and cheap prices may not always guarantee that you will find the right driving instructor who can help you in getting the right driving lessons the fits your skills. On the other hand, a good driving instructor will ensure that you will learn all the essential knowledge and skills that you will need later when you start driving on your own. Many people who are only starting to take driving lessons may not know how to distinguish a good and a bad instructor and below are some handy tips for you in choosing yours.


First Impressions Always Last…
Professionalism is crucial and is a must for a driving instructor because it means he or she is serious about their chosen field of work and wants the very best for each and every one his learners. If your driving instructor looks sloppy, lacks concentration and is disorganised during your lessons, or if the vehicle they provide during your driving lessons looks like it lacks maintenance, with worn out tires or broken tail lights, this may lead to passing bad habits to learners which can endanger the learners’ life once they start driving on their own.


Get Recommendation’s or Read Some Testimonial
If a driving instructor have been recommended to you by someone else who have been his previous customer and passed without any hiccups, then you can be assured that you will be learning from a good instructor. If the instructor have been receiving negative comments from his previous learners, then it is safer to move on to the next instructor as he or she may affect your driving test passing rate during the driving exam.
You can also try out an hour worth of driving lesson and see how the driving instructor conducts the lessons first-hand. This way, you can gauge whether you will be gaining the knowledge and skill you need to pass your exam.


Research…. Research…. Research….
You can find the best option through comparing and researching the nearest driving schools in your area. You can easily find driving schools online and compare each plan they offer from single lessons to lessons in blocks. Just make sure to check each offers details to get the best value for your money.
Ready! Set! Go!
Get started with your lessons today! Driving schools offer lessons in both Manual and Automatic gear. Get the best value for your money by booking lessons in block. Request a call-back below or contact us today!

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Welcome to Driving Schools Nuneaton

December 2, 2014 – Nuneaton, UK – Smart Learner Driving School; one of Coventry’s leading and premiere, independent driving school has expanded their reach by including Nuneaton and Birmingham in their local service area through the opening of Driving Schools Nuneaton. With the high demand for reliable driving instructors on the rise, SmartLearners’ goal is to shorten the gap between learners and instructors alike by opening its doors to the Nuneaton and Birmingham areas.

Driving Schools Nuneaton is one of the remote driving schools under the umbrella of SmartLearner Driving school franchise management offering driving lessons in automatic driving tuition as well as manual driving tuition. At Driving Schools Nuneaton, you a choice to learn to drive from either a male or female driving instructor that has both the expertise, skills and can guarantee a higher pass-rate on your driving exam.

Driving Schools Nuneaton strictly follows the Drivers and Vehicles Standard Agency (DVSA) Driving Syllabus along with the SmartLearner Driving Schools custom designed driving lessons to further help their learner’s to pass their driving test in the shortest possible time.

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